Marco Fonseca

Chef, teacher and consultant of natural food. He was born in 1976 in a family related to the traditional Portuguese cuisine. He attended the course of Environmental Engineering at the Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra. During three years, he studied macrobiotics at the Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal, in Lisbon, and in 2008 he began working with the Sha Wellness clinic and hotel in Alicante, Spain. There he had the opportunity to work with the team at the Kushi Institute of Tokyo.
Teacher and cook at the Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal, he works with other cooking schools and he has been a trainer in Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland. He is part of a European team of professors and professional macrobiotic consultants.
Committed to the public dissemination of natural healthy food, he usually attends debates, lectures and television programmes. He is a consultant and trainer in the area of catering for the development of vegetarian and conventional products.