Turning the World Inside Out - Macrobiotics, Veganism and Deep Ecology

4th-5th May

4th-5th May
We are all part of a web of living energy that is the source of our being. Our conscious relationship with this web of life is the gateway to fulfilling our human potential. Providing depth and range of consciousness is not enough without practical application. Awareness of our place in the world is best achieved by simple actions done daily and educating ourselves in the laws of nature – this is called Deep Ecology.
This two day workshop will consist of group process, discussion and presentations that explore our biological, emotional and spiritual evolution in modern culture. Special attention will be paid to our diet, habits and social conditioning. Our focus will be on developing practical strategies for creating a healthier world for humans and non-humans alike.

Join the Evolution!

This workhop will be in english.


4th - 5th of May of 2019
10h - 17h30


Bill Tara

Since 1967 Bill Tara has been an active advocate for natural heath care.  He has been a health counselor, teacher, author, entrepreneur and creator of health education centers in Europe and North America.